• VCE Birdathon 2017: Every Bird Counts

    On May 25, 2017, the VCE’s birding team, the Green Mountain Goatsuckers, will migrate to the southern Maine coast for our 24-hour birdathon blitz.

    Our adventure will begin in the renowned hotspot of Biddeford Pool and head south from there. We will stop often to scan, listen, and explore rocky shores and sand beaches, salt marshes and mud flats, to sand plains, grasslands, and upland forests. We expect a diverse mix of ocean birds, shorebirds and other waders, local breeding species, and northbound migrants. With luck and good weather, we hope to identify more than 100 species.

    Birdathon is all about raising funds for VCE’s innovative wildlife conservation work. A few projects headlining our 2017 agenda include year 26 of our avian and phenological research on Mt. Mansfield, a long-awaited harvest of pioneering migration data from GPS-tagged Upland Sandpipers and Eastern Meadowlarks, initial planning for Vermont’s first-ever statewide moth atlas, and a foray into Bicknell’s Thrush studies on Cuba. With your help, these and other VCE projects are poised to reach new heights.

    After our birdathon, we’ll share with you the results of the Green Mountain Goatsuckers efforts and ask you to fulfill your pledged gift. For example, if you pledge $0.25 today and our team meets their goal of finding 100 bird species, you will receive an email to fulfill your pledge of $50.

    We hope you’ll make your pledge today! If you prefer to make a donation now rather than pledge per species please click here.

    Learn more about our annual Birdathon and consider forming your own team to raise awareness and funds for bird conservation and science! Thanks in advance for joining our 2017 Birdathon. Your’s is a pledge for science-based bird and biodiversity conservation across the Americas.

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