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    Field Guide to February 2020

    February marks an important turning point. Although winter may continue to grip us for a little while longer, the landscape is preparing for change.

    Field Guide to January 2020

    Although the days are slowly growing longer, life in the Northeast now finds itself in the coldest depths of winter. January is about survival.

    Gifts for the Conservation-minded People on Your Gift-giving List

    The holidays are stressful enough without the added burden of having to think outside the box (and quickly) to make sure you have something

    Field Update: New nests, flooded nests, and healthy competition

    Parks ranger Chad Ummel. Hopefully the loon pair will return in 2020 and call this new human-made raft home. Flooded loon nest on...


    VCE Announces Recipients of 2020 Community Science Awards...

    Birdathon Stats Page

    Observations Bird observations All reports of biodiversity Vermont Backyard Bird Quest 2020 List 178 species from 724 eBird checklists submitted by 304 birders!...

    Vernal Pool Conservation Videos

    opening clip Steve discusses the characteristics of a vernal pool. Vernal Pool Video1_April 1, 2020 from Vermont Center for Ecostudies on Vimeo.  ...

    Sharpies, PUFI and Blackpolls: Week 3 on Mt. Mansfield

    VCE's third weekly banding session of 2020 on Mt. Mansfield featured a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a 'PUFIgeddon' of Purple Finches, several non-locally breeding warblers,...

    Vermont Birders Rally During 11th Annual eBird County Quest

    From the frigid mornings of the final Christmas Bird Counts of the 2020-2021 season to the discovery of Razorbills and Northern Gannets which briefly